Rates and T&C

This is the icky part, so let’s just dive in and get it out of the way.

Rates: I charge £25 an hour, with a day rate of £200. After providing a quote for the project, I will ask for 50% up front, and only after this has been received will the work commence. The remainder is payable after half of the work has been completed (the work will be sent to the client at this point so that the progress of the project can be seen). After the client has been shown the work at its halfway point, the work shall not continue until the final 50% has been paid. 

The amount quoted will include:

Three drafts of the work, if necessary. 

Minor amendments required by the client.

Email consultation as required. 

If, at any point, the client adds more work to the project, the cost of this will be added to the total cost of the project, and another invoice shall be sent.  

Errors: All work is checked thoroughly before being sent to the client, but in the event that the copy should contain errors, I shall not be held responsible for this. 

Deadlines: Making deadlines is something I take very seriously. However, if, due to unforeseen circumstances, I am unable to meet a deadline, I will make contact with the client immediately in order to keep said client informed.

I cannot be held responsible for losses of any kind resulting from work not completed on time.  

Information provided by the client: The more a client can tell me about what they want, the smoother everything goes. If needed, I can supply a brief questionnaire-style document, which will allow me to get a clearer picture of what the client is looking for. 

My rights over the work: I reserve the right to show any work in my portfolio, and this also holds for any freelancers with whom I work on projects. 




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