Okay so I might be taking a slightly lazy approach here, but nevertheless this list of copywriting-themed videos is certainly useful for those starting out and anyone who needs to brush up on certain areas. If you’ve trawled through enough extensive blog articles for one day, and want something a bit more visually stimulating, then this walk into the copywriting wilderness is for you.

How to start your copywriting career

Here’s one for those wanting to jam their foot in the door and refuse to move it before they get some work through. Sure Jesse Forrest points out some pretty obvious things – e.g. you should like being creative and be well organised – but his 7-minute-long monologue definitely brings up some interesting points for people wanting to learn a bit more about copywriting.

Top 3 web copywriting tips

A 7-minute video with only a few tips should mean that each point is rigorously explored, and that is certainly the case when you listen to what Marija Hamed has to say. This video gives a great insight into some of the less talked about things in the world of copywriting, and there are some particularly helpful tips on mastering the art of blogging.


Predatory thinking for copywriters

This video is from the Professional Copywriters’ Network Conference and features Dave Trott. His presentation is brash and bold; the guy says ‘shit’ and ‘fuck’, talks about how you can make yourself look good without too much work, and gives fresh insights into the psychology of the people who will buy what you’re selling. It’s a lengthy one, but certainly a great video for those with a little more time on their hands who want to be educated on modern-day thinking, as well as wisdom from the past.

How to close more copywriting clients

You may recognise this man from the first video; his face pops up a lot when searching for YouTube goodness related to copywriting, and he offers some fairly useful snippets of advice here. This video will hit home for many copywriters who, time and time again, see an interested client slip off the hook and get gobbled up by another predator patrolling the competitive copywriting seas. I like the back-to-basics nature of the promotion techniques he champions, and it is certainly worth a look.

Expand your network

This may not seem like a particularly useful video, since it addresses basic elements of networking, but something I’ve been reading a lot about recently is how some creative freelancers are actually fairly introverted. If this applies, even a little, to you, then you might find some of the tips provided in this video useful. It has over 4,000 views, so someone must be watching it.


Hope you enjoyed this little selection of educational treats; I’ll keep my eye out for anything else which tickles my fancy.

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