Product descriptions

Company: World of Barstools

Text: A welcome addition to even the most equipped of dining rooms, the Genova Dining Chair boasts a black bonded leather seat and a hardwood frame, making it incredibly adaptable regardless of where it may find itself.

Link to full piece: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Genova-Dining-Chair-Leather-Walnut/dp/B00UYXUOT0


Press releases

Company: Chesterfield Lounge

Text: Chesterfield Lounge, the Chesterfield furniture producer, has committed to keeping its UK production centre. This is exactly the type of move that the UK’s struggling economy is looking for from businesses, particularly given the lure of cheaper foreign countries’ production facilities.

Link to full piece: https://www.journalism.co.uk/press-releases/chesterfield-lounge-keeping-production-in-the-uk/s66/a563104/


Blog articles

Company: Wildshark

Text: SEO again! It is a question as old as time itself. Well, modern time that is. Of course, it is the question of how to optimise your website and make it look pretty in the eyes of the world’s pickiest judge – Google. When it comes to the world of SEO, and keywords to be more specific, it is no longer just about mum and dad, it’s about the whole family. ‘What do you mean mum and dad?’ I hear you ask. Here’s the answer.

Link to full piece: https://www.wildshark.co.uk/news/building-strong-seo-relationships/



Company: The Modern Way

Text: We are The Modern Way, an East Sussex function band with a matrimonial edge. Weddings are what we do, and our aim is simple; to draw your attention, however briefly, away from the gorgeous food and well-dressed attendees, to the band making the dance floor bounce.

Link to full piece: http://www.modernway.co.uk/page/wedding-band-entertainment-resources-in-east-sussex



Company: Beard Trimmer Expert

Text: The beard! Once synonymous with 18th century warriors and people without razors, it is now the pinnacle of fashion. This is the facial hair playground, also known as Beard Trimmer Expert. We are very much advocates of the warrior look, as are most people these days, and the proof of a beard is in the trimming.

Link to full piece: http://beardtrimmerexpert.co.uk/home/


About pages

Company: Upholstery Repair

Text: Welcome to Upholstery Repair. We specialise in the re-upholstering and restoration of those irreplaceable furniture items that lend the room a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’. Many people are unaware of exactly what re-upholstering can do for their furniture and worn down sofas or chairs. We are here to tell you that it can do quite a lot.

Link to full piece: http://www.upholsteryrepair.co.uk/about-us-upholstery-repair/





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