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All clients should know what they are getting, and so I have whipped up a step by step guide:

1) Get in touch with me via email or telephone and let me know if you would like to meet in person to discuss the project.

2) Based on what I know after our discussion (whether this is in person or on the phone) I will pluck 100 words straight from my copywriting arsenal.

3) If you are happy with what you see, I will send you a copy brief consisting of a few questions designed to aid me in my work. You can fill out as much or as little as you like. It may be that you prefer to simply tell me this stuff during our correspondence.

4) I’ll send over a contract which you can sign and return to me.

5) Once the contract has been signed, I will forward you an invoice for a 25% deposit based on my estimate.

6) After having received the deposit I’ll whip up an initial draft and send it your way. At this point you can provide feedback (if applicable) and flag up anything that you feel needs to be changed.

7) Any changes will be made using Track Changes in Word so as you can see clearly see the alterations.

8) When all changes are complete and you are 110% happy, I will send over an invoice for the final 75%. This might be slightly different from the originally estimated figure, depending on how long the project has actually taken (note: it is more likely to be lower than higher).

9) Once payment has been received, I will be happy to send you a receipt should you require one.


And that’s it. Simple.







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