Inside the mind of a copywriter: Laura Glover

Time for another interview (I am trying to get through the upper echelon of copywriting talent before I hang up my creative boots ha), and this time it’s the turn of Laura Glover. Now embracing a refreshingly modern approach to business, Laura first spent many years...

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Inside the mind of a copywriter: Chris Miller

This is the third instalment of Inside the mind of a copywriter, and I have been really pleased with the willingness of fellow creatives to take part; all of the answers have been so detailed and helpful, and the interview below, with copywriting heavyweight Chris...

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How to get through interviews without sweating

There you are. Best suit on. Sat in a board room facing three very intimidating members of senior management. They're trying not to be intimidating but they're failing. Your mind wanders. Are you sitting right? Are you speaking loudly enough? Did you wear a suit when...

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Inside the mind of a copywriter: Martin Cross

I was pleasantly surprised by the reaction to the first installment of this series, and so I plan to keep the ball very much rolling. This time it's rolling in the direction of Martin Cross. His 20 years in the industry have seen him build up a formidable reputation,...

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Inside the mind of a copywriter: Jamie Thomson

Every couple of weeks (participant willingness permitting) I will be posting an interview with a seasoned copywriter, asking their opinions on the creative industry and how their journey to copywriterville has been so far. I hope this will help both up-and-coming...

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Honda: The Power of Dreams

When Honda approached top creative agency Wieden + Kennedy, one can only assume they were after a campaign which showcased the power, speed, innovation, and dynamism of their brand - they certainly got their wish. Below is the stylish, intense and attention-grabbing...

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