If you’re looking to give your business a well-needed boost, then effective, explosive copy is the way to go. Below are just a few of the formats which can be catered for, but rest assured, no matter what you require, if it involves words, you are in the right place.

Product descriptions

Every product serves a purpose and appeals to a certain audience. Some products appeal to the dreamer, while some are more practical in nature. Regardless, it is essential that a product’s every advantage is highlighted and pitched to the target market in the most effective way possible.



Nothing quite communicates a company or brand’s ethos like a slogan. Short, snappy, inspirational, and representative of the business’s core values. In the Blog section you will find a monthly piece examining some of the most effective slogans out there.


Press releases

Has your company recently received an accolade or made a change that will make it stand out? There is no better way to draw attention to this than through a press release. Let your achievement speak for itself!


Web pages

Homepage, About, Ethos, Services. Sections like these represent the heart of any company’s website, and are often the first thing a visitor from cyberspace will see. These pages must get straight to the point in an enthusiastic, attention-grabbing manner. Your potential clients/customers need to know what you do, what you can offer them, and why you are different.


Blog articles

The word ‘blog’ has been catapulted into a different webisphere over the last decade. Not only is it a way for you to provide a more detailed insight into what your company is all about, but it is also essential for SEO. A blog represents the chance to have constantly updated content that can be used for that ever so crucial activity – link building.








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